Contribution to Society & Environment

SATO is committed to making a contribution to society and to the environment through its core business operations. It then further seeks to distribute the returns it receives to all of its stakeholders; namely, shareholders, employees, society and the company itself.

Recycling is a multi-advantageous process for the environment as well as the human race. It helps reduce waste, the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and many other things. It’s an essential waste management procedure for many developed and still developing countries.

Collecting Recycle Items

We have initiated this activity in Sato Auto-ID Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SAM) & Sato Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SMS) to support the environmental friendly campaign starting from the month of August 2016. We began with collecting the newspapers, aluminium cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, widely used in daily life which often thoughtlessly thrown away. Instead of throwing them away, we collect them as a resource to be recycled. We also collect the empty used carton box and ribbon & label paper core from our warehouse and production floor to minimize the wastage.

The collected materials will be sold to the recycling agency that processes them into a reusable resource, and the funds generated will be donated to the local need such as orphanage homes, old folks home, disable kids centers and so forth.

Carton Box


        Aluminium/ Can's Image result for Aluminium cans 

Paper Core      

   Glass Materials Image result for glass bottles



   Plastic Materials  

Collecting Pre-loved Household Items

We are holding this activity concurrently together with Recyclable Item Collection. The used and unwanted clothes which are still in good condition, old books/ novels or magazine and also used electrical appliances which are still usable are collected and stored at the office. These pre-loved household items will be collected by good deeds charity agency to be distributed to local charities or directly to the poor and needy people.

Pre-loved Clothes

Old Books/ Novels/ 

Electrical Appliances