Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labelling Compliant Solution

What is GHS?
Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is developed for chemical
hazard classification and hazard communication through GHS labels etc. 

The purpose of GHS is to make awareness to humans and environment against hazardous chemicals therefore
to prevent  industrial accidents such as explosions, toxicity, etc. happening in every corner of the world,
due to inappropriate handling method. 

GHS Label Sample 


SATO's GHS Solution Package

Solution to GHS Labelling Compliant System





NiceLabel will pre-defined label formats and adjust pictograms to the correct position 

CL6NX / M10e

Print the "black" portion of the GHS label 

Globally Harmonised Label 

Pre-printed labels with red pictogram borders 


How does GHS Labelling System works? 


Commonly used GHS Pictogram


Oxidizers - Can burn without air, or can intensify fire in combustible materials.


Explosives - May explode if exposed to fire, heat, shock, friction.


Corrosives - May cause skin burns and permanent eye damage


Gasses Under Pressure - Gas released may be very cold. Gas container may explode if heated.


Flammable if exposed to ignition sources, sparks, heat. Some substances may give off flammable gases.


Toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long lasting effects in the environment.

Toxic material which may cause life threatening effects even in small amounts and with short exposure.

May cause serious and prolonged health effects on short or long term exposure.

Irritant - May cause irritation (redness, rash) or less serious toxicity

SATO's Recommendation:
1. Printing Application: Managing your GHS labels. Click here to download the brochure.
2. Consumables: Labels are made spill-proof, water-proof and recommended for outdoor use.
3. Printers: Thermal and Inkjet printing type that are easy to operate and maintain.

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