Hand Labelling Systems (HLS)

SATO, a leader in the AIDC industry, developed the first hand labeller in 1962 and thereafter became a pioneer in the price marking industry. We offer a wide range of durable, reliable & light-weight hand labelling systems that meets all your labelling requirements. 

SATO offers a variety of one, two and three line Hand-Held Labeling Systems, ideal for low and high-volume users. They allow you to mark thousands of items quickly and reliably. Used for most merchandising and coding applications, they are available in a variety of choices that will suit every customer need. The applications are endless. Complete A-Z character capability is available, giving you the ability to print your own customized messages. Additional stock print bands allow for tool customization to meet special requirements.

SATO Hand Labeller remains as one of the our core business product and through the years, SATO has came out with different application for our hand labeller for different sectors including Food and Beverage, and even manufacturing sector.

 SATO offers a variety of one, two and three line, durable, reliable & light-weight hand-held labeling systems for use across the retail industry  


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