FX3-LX | Intuitive 3-inch Label Printer New 

SATO’s FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer that boasts of a 7-inch TFT full color touch screen, suitable to use in a wide range of industries including Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics

With it’s Application-Enabled Printing (AEP) platform, FX3-LX can be used without the need for a PC, thus allowing the user to save cost and space.

Furthermore, it is compatible with SATO Online Services (SOS), a cloud-based proactive preventative maintenance solution which provides prompt support and eliminates unnecessary downtime.  

  • Improved efficiency, productivity and reduced costs
  • Optimised applications (via SATO & SATO Partners) for your unique business needs
  • Easy database update by USB/LAN/WLAN
  • Reduced desk space demands. Wall-mounted option available. Portability for hand-held or trolley use
  • Caters for multi-lingual clients and workforces with 47 printable languages and 31 user display languages
  • Branded and application-focussed label designs from SATO's own design team and brand-new production facilities
  • Compatible with eco-friendly linerless labels
  • Supports compliance with food regulations
  • Multi-purpose asset: label printer, operator video training tool, compliance monitoring and management tool
  • SATO Online Services (SOS) remote, proactive maintenance solution for prompt support, wear part notification and reporting

  • Lithium-ion Battery 

  • Battery Mount Kit 

  • WLAN/Bluetooth Kit 

  • Wall Mount Kit

  • Battery Charger 

  • Cradle Kit  

  • Cutter Kit & Partial Cutter Kit

  • Linerless Kit 

  • Web Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Printer Driver