RFID Solutions

SATO has designed its RFID Services Program to guarantee successful implementation of RFID solutions. Our team is experienced in RFID technology, products and infrastructure by being actively engaged with clients in the implementation of RFID products and services at their facility. SATO brings valuable real-world experience and guarantees that its RFID solutions meet the EPC Global compliance requirements.

  • Site Surveys
    SATO leads you through an analysis of requirements of the various stages of the process to better understand what kind of RFID solution you need.

  • Technical Consulting
    SATO helps you select the right technology best suited for your requirements: frequency range, read/write or read-only technology, range performance, environmental conditions, standards compliance and product selection guidance.

  • Tag Testing & Evaluation
    With many inlay types on the market for all types of packaging material, SATO helps you decide which inlay works best and where it works best on your products to insure it is scanned properly when reaching its destination.

  • Installation & Continued On-Site Support
    Through on-site services and support, SATO will help you maximize your  RFID investment by ensuring that your solution is properly installed and achieving your targeted goals.


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