Keep label data accurate for printing

  • Label printing applications are managed centrally on the cloud
  • Data updates can be scheduled to match e.g. seasonal changes, price revisions
  • Applications can be downloaded automatically to SATO printers anytime, anywhere
 Control users with different authority levels

  • User hierarchy and authority levels and permissionscan be configured flexibly based on customer needs
  • Multiple files for updating data can be uploaded easily via drag-and-drop
  • Customers can grant file or account registration rights to external users if required
 Track downloads of label printing applications

  • Customers can easily check if their printers on-site have the latest applications downloaded
  Enable smooth addition or change of printers

  • Label printing applications saved on the cloud can be easily downloaded and installed on newly added/replaced printers
 Streamline printing with data provided by SATO

  • SATO App Storage can be used with existing label printing applications and data formats provided by SATO 
 Ensure security
  • Cloud network of proven security,safety and high availability; Best-in-class SLA performance; Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to protect against vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced security with SSL/HTTPS communication
  • Scanning of uploaded files for virus and spyware protection