SATO Care-From-Start FAQ

Q1. What is Care-From-the Start (CFS)? 

A:         SATO Care-From-Start is a yearly service agreement that will allow customers to receive service for each of every SATO printer that they purchase.

Q2. What are the advantages of purchasing a CFS Service agreement? 

A:        You’ll receive the following benefits:

• Routine Preventative Maintenance (PM) checkups and repair services are all done on-site, thus reducing printer downtime.
• You will receive faster service response.
• Factory-certified technicians will ensure your printer back to the original specifications.
• ONLY genuine SATO parts are installed for each repair and maintenance service conducted.
• It’s the least expensive service option over the life time of your product.
• It reduces your overall cost of ownership and protects your investment.

Q3. Why should I buy a CFS Service agreement at the time of purchase rather than wait until my warranty ends? 
A:        Purchasing at the time of purchase provides:
• Extra savings when purchasing upfront.
• “New Product” pricing, which is available for a limited time.
• A safeguard for unexpected, expensive, & inconvenient “time and material” repair costs if
               the warranty ends.
Q4. What a the advantages a customer will receive upon purchasing a multi-year agreement? 

A:        Purchasing a multi-year agreement provides:

            • SAVINGS—up to 25 percent.
• Protection against future price increases.
• Peace of mind by eliminating the administrative hassle of remembering to renew.
• Long-term insurance against the unexpected. 

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